Buffer your data security and shelter it from disaster

Buffer your data security and shelter it from disaster


Today most of the organizations are heading towards digitalised working of their system. This not only serves to be convenient but also organized. However along with the meticulous functioning, computerized working also calls for risks. An unforeseen situation could hit a company at anytime. These situations could be

  • Natural disaster like earthquake or tsunami, may be a fire in the building
  • System failure due to power failure, hardware failure or software corruption
  • Corruption of data due to virus 
  • Crimes like hacking or erasing of data

In any of the above mentioned situation the only consequence for the company is losing data. This loss will not only drift the company towards failure but also limit its functioning. Hence, it becomes quintessential for companies to adopt software’s that can aid the entire organization in recovery of data. 

The very first step and a safe method are to prepare your data for recovery. The only way to recover your data is through back up. 

What is Backup?

In layman’s language back up simply means data copying. This encompasses parts of a company’s database such as records, control files, finances etc. This medium is adopted to save copies that can be restored whenever required.

There are two types of backups:

  • Physical – this implies that snapshot of database, files etc are taken at certain time.
  • Logical- These are back up’s which can be extracted using recovery software’s. Thereafter it can be stored in binary files. This type of back up is also used as a supplement for physical backups. 

How does it help?

  • Well back up safeguards your company’s data against unexpected loss or error.
  • It also saves time for if you lose your data you would need to prepare it all over again. But in this case you can just recover it as the situation may be.
  • An accident or an unforeseen situation like natural disaster can hit your company at any point of time. This situation would mislay your files leading to difficult times during restoring work. Hence, post a disaster recovery of data aids to reinstate a computer and making it operational again. This process is also known as it Disaster recovery.

How to get hold of such software’s 

There are various companies in the market that offer software’s for data recovery. However there are certain pointers which the organization needs to put in mind before launching the software.

  • The recovery software should meet your needs
  • It should consist of sufficient memory 
  • It should be flexible and secured in nature
  • It should also let the clients take advantage of their own back up
  • Its implementation should be hassle free and should not interrupt present working system
  • Should have the ability to customize itself as per the need and requirement of the client
  • It should also have the ability to initiate auto back up after every work. 

Important data needs proper back up if you want your company to run smoothly even after a disaster. 

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