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How to choose the right laptop 2022 ?

by ByronKirby

As you will have understood, the choice of the best laptop depends above all on your personal use. The first prices allow you to perform office tasks, such as word processing, and spreadsheets, while high-end PCs are more intended for professional use such as photo editing or video editing.

Between these two ranges, we find most of the references of portable, general-purpose and multimedia computers, with a processor powerful enough to absorb the needs of the user.

To help you better, we have also made a selection of the best business laptops bd of the moment. Now, let’s discover together the components of a laptop to better understand and choose your traveling companion.

The processor

This is the heart of the system! A powerful processor (see here what is the best processor for gaming) will allow you to absorb several tasks. Thus, the more software you use simultaneously, the more your processor will be used. The majority of laptops on the market run on Intel processors, but AMD, its direct competitor, is back in the running with its new Ryzen 4000s.

the most powerful with the most hearts. The i3 chip supports small office tasks while the i7 allows you to simultaneously open Photoshop, an internet browsing page, and other software while maintaining a reasonable execution speed. The latter will be recommended for anyone who wants to do video editing, but beware, this is not the only criterion to take into account.

The hard drive

For neophytes, the hard drive allows you to store data on your laptop. It is increasingly difficult to obtain laptops with standard hard drives these days. HDDs, the older mechanical hard drives, take much longer to load and read data. Now it is the SSD that is on the rise (see our ranking of the best SSD). This launches your system in less than ten seconds. We can popularize this technology by saying that it is a large internal USB key, so what is called flash memory.

This new storage system is based on flash technology which offers reduced data access times. Ideal for copying files, launching applications or opening more or less voluminous documents. Despite its limited storage capacity, the SSD is less bulky and fragile than a standard hard drive. This technology becomes less and less expensive over time and brings mechanical hard drives to an inevitable end.

Our advice: to keep enough storage space on your laptop, combine an SSD with a high-capacity hard drive. This will provide you with high throughput while maintaining sufficient storage properties.

Note that changing a hard drive to add an SSD requires specific technical skills (do I have the right connections, is my present hard drive removable, etc.). Do not leave headlong without having taken this element into account.

The graphics card

If you are a gamer or a graphic designer, this section should interest you. The main processors in the laptop market come with a suitable graphics card to perform basic media display tasks.
However, some artistic profiles need to make more substantial graphic modifications to carry out video editing, for example, and in this case are obliged to obtain a laptop with a real dedicated graphics card and its own memory. Mid-range laptops often have an integrated graphics chipset that is often part of the processor. Of course, this last option is less powerful, but technologies are evolving to give suitable results today on recent games.

Today, Nvidia or AMD graphics cards are often cited to meet the needs of graphic designers. On a laptop, it will therefore be necessary to move towards gaming models or models intended for creative people and in this case the price can go beyond 2500 euros and even 4000 euros for the most powerful machines. If you just have a desktop PC, you can consult our comparison of the best graphics cards.

Living memory

This is also called RAM. For office use, 4 GB is enough, but very quickly the needs increase and 8 GB of RAM is quickly necessary to avoid having a “lapping PC”. We can now consider 8 GB of ram as the norm.

Final Word

On the other hand, if you plan to play recent games, do video editing or high defination video watch please search on internet and you can find related video, which is best for that

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