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Ten Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Whiteboard Video In 2022


Unless you live under a rock, you probably know just how big the internet video hunk is. They virtually rule the worldwide web. So much so that almost every application has a built-in video feature. Even Instagram, which started with just photos, has introduced reels and live streaming to keep up with the latest trends.

It is estimated that in 2021, the size of the worldwide animation market will enhance by 5%. YouTube is the 2nd most popular website in the world. The video is going nowhere. There is no doubt that video is essential to your business if you want to be a successful content creator.

We also encourage you to try whiteboard animation services, among other types of videos. Whiteboard videos use hand-drawn graphics and doodles on a whiteboard-like background to visually convey your message. It comes with a narration that tells the story. This combination of visuals and narrative has resulted in one of the most popular formats of video on the web today. Animation sounds exciting and inviting, but if you’re skeptical about giving whiteboard animation a try, let’s dive into the top 10 reasons why you need whiteboard animation in 2022.

  • Perfect For Corporate Meetings

Anyone in the business world knows how boring and boring corporate meetings can be. We have a series of slides to review, a detailed presentation to provide, a proposal to pitch, and a project to discuss. All of this can bore both employees and executives.

Long, detailed meetings don’t keep you cool. No amount of ice-breaking sessions will get people’s attention on a forum that is likely to last an hour or more. Then you find well-dressed people staring blankly at the wall or clicking their pens unconsciously where you called to sign a multi-million dollar contract. This leads to scenarios where even creepy crawlies in the room get more attention from surprised attendees than your hard-working presentation. Colorful images and characters not only help make a point but they also make the meeting livelier and more fun. Video is, therefore, an important part of business communication.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Whiteboard videos are much cheaper to produce than live-motion videos. Gone are the days when over-the-top advertising helps you sell your products. Now, showing a low-energy teenager who starts dancing exuberantly in perfect sync under the scorching sun after being offered fresh mint gum by another cool boy who appears out of nowhere, perhaps the audience will People today like to make sense and spending a lot of money on traditional advertising campaigns is not very wise from a marketing perspective.

Whiteboard Video saves time. It solves the problem of hiring good actors and directors and helps get your message across cost-effectively. Well-crafted videos help build better relationships with your customer base. Showing animated characters makes it more engaging for your audience.

  • More Likely To Go Viral

Videos are more likely to go viral. 90% of consumers watch videos online, and whiteboard animations are trending most of the time on YouTube. Videos suitable for different themes, such as educational and marketing content, are more likely to reach the largest audience because they are relatable and easy to share.

Not only that, Google is the parent organization behind YouTube and often redirects search results to videos. Therefore, embedding videos on your website will increase your chances of ranking higher in search engines. This improves conversion rates and increases sales for your brand.

  • It’s Easy To Understand

Are you a teacher who wants to publish online lectures to help students, a professional who wants to share insightful knowledge about their field, or a content creator looking to build the next online build? Let’s say, In this case, the content should be easy to understand. A whiteboard animation video can help with this.

It’s scientifically proven that movement attracts attention. Ever heard of mirror neurons? When we see someone eating an apple or doing something else, these neurons fire as if they were performing a task. So when you observe something, your brain perceives it as if you were doing it. When watching animations, viewers can relate to the content and easily understand it.

Video also leads to so-called ‘viewer expectations.’ All animation, whether in business or education, unfolds in the form of a narrative. There are no distractions as the viewer keeps guessing what happens next. All of this combined makes for a great viewing experience.

  • Easy To Create

Whiteboard animations are easy to create. No expensive equipment is required. Instead, there are tons of great software out there that will allow you to create engaging and inexpensive videos in no time.

  • Great for Communication of Complex Ideas

Whether you’re a teacher who wants to prepare a lecture on a complex topic or a businessman who wants to create a presentation with intricate details, a whiteboard video should be your choice. Hand-drawn graphics spice up the content, allowing multiple ideas to be incorporated without the delivery sounding jerky. Eye-catching visuals, accompanied by excellent narration, captivate viewers until the end and effectively get to the point.

  • Helps Preserve Information

Research by Ph.D. Award-winning psychology professor Richard Wiseman shows that whiteboard animation services improves retention of knowledge by 15%. Also, the viewer retains 90% of the message when consumed visually, compared to 10% when delivered via text. With the majority of the population being visual learners, video is the most important learning and marketing tool. That’s why whiteboard animations improve memory. They include sight, hearing, and movement, which are the most important senses and are responsible for memory.

Break down complex concepts and create the big picture from scratch.

 Whiteboard animation is a proven way to get work done productively, so it should be your first choice.

  • High CTR

CTR or CTR is used to measure ad performance. We live in a very fast-paced world where no one wants to read long, heavy texts. Videos are to the point, versatile, and more likely to grab people’s attention. Animated videos are a great marketing plan for mass appeal, as well-crafted videos are more likely to be shared. According to Buffer, companies that integrate video into their marketing campaigns see a 27% higher CTR and a 34% higher conversion rate than companies that don’t use this strategy.

  • People Relate To Animation

Animation is fun, concise, and clear. People of all ages love cartoons, and solving that pain point can improve your marketing game. As the colorful images unfold, the person is interested in what the final image will look like and is presented with a good narration that gives them a positive experience about the brand.

  1.  Best Way of Storytelling

Whiteboard animations are powerful storytelling tools because they can engage your audience. Use your imagination and creativity to perfectly convey your ideas and evoke emotions in your audience. This is essential for a good storytelling experience.


It’s true that to be successful online and offline; you need to adapt to what’s trending around the world. The numbers don’t lie and show that whiteboard animation is the future. Whether you’re selling a product or want to educate and inspire the masses, know that whiteboard videos are the way to go. If you are looking for video animation services, get in touch with Animetus.

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