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Which Company Logo Design Is Best For Your Business?

by danieljacob
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We often see specific symbols, geometrical shapes, and marks on products we use and brands we wear. In fact, we fact we see them everywhere on water bottles, fridges, cars, T-shirts, pens, and even on our smartphones. Have you ever noticed for what purpose they are designed or why they are placed on these products? These images or symbols are called logos. The concept of logo design is not new to us because we interact with them in our daily life. A company logo design is essential for any business besides its enterprise name as an identification mark, giving insights about what it does or has to offer customers.

What are logos? It is still a question for many. Actually, many individuals have the wrong concept about it. Some do not take them seriously, and others consider it as a whole brand. This is where confusion appears, and entrepreneurs are distracted from its exact concept. At first, we need to understand that a logo is not your brand but a part of it. Secondly, it’s an ultimate branding asset that requires creativity and exceptional design expertise that conveys the business message the right way. Thus, logos are extremely important to invest in and handle with great care.

The Different Types Of Company Logo Designs

A company logo design is the first thing people notice about an enterprise in the first interaction. If they find it attractive or stay engaged with it for 2 or 3 seconds, this is the time for their turning into potential customers. Moreover, if a logo fails to make that first impression impactful, then you can not convince them in any way to stay with you. It means that logos have a closer association with customers’ first interaction, and they have to do much more in that shorter period. A great brand symbol is what not everyone can; it is only a professional logo designer that can make this happen.

However there are numerous ways to design a brand icon, but not all the methods and techniques are effective in giving you a symbol that a company wishes for. A variety of logo styles are there that enterprises can choose from. The thing is, whatever should be chosen, must align perfectly with the brand and tell the business story in the right tone and intentions. It is a common fact that the way you present anything will draw attention or win interest according. The same concept is associated with a company logo design.


Monograms or letter-marks style symbols consist of letters, usually the initials of brand names. Let’s go back and recall our school days when are dressed in neat and clean uniforms. Have you ever noticed a small piece of design placed on our shirt’s pocket having simple or stylized writing and an image? That image is what we call a monogram. Yes, that was your school’s logo, representing that you are a student of this school. Similarly, an enterprise also has a monogram comprising of 2 or 3 letters serving as a brand-identification mark. Usually, monograms are typography-based professional logo designs, but some companies add an image or arbitrary symbols to embrace creativity.


Wordmarks are another kind of typography-based symbol focusing on brand names. The logo created in this style are font-based, like Coca-Cola, Visa, Google and much more. There is an interesting fact about wordmarks, and that is they work well only when a company has a unique brand name. It is because, in this logotype, nothing can be used except the fonts, which means no shapes, images, and icons. The only fonts will play the whole branding game. So entrepreneurs should think of a unique and catchy brand name as much as possible to make it memorable for customers. And from here begins the strong brand recognition journey.


Pictorial marks are exactly what you are thinking right now after reading their names. Yes, they are imagery-style logos having appealing graphical designs. Pictorial logos are what you see in your daily routine because the style is very common, and every organization uses it. What it has in it are beautiful visuals that create an attractive scenario, making viewers fall in love at first sight. Look at Apple’s logo; it has an image of a bitten apple. Twitter’s logo comprises a chirping bird, while Target’s logo has a bullseye to grab customers’ attention.


Abstract marks are a way to express the brand message through graphical elements. Graphical elements can be any shape, emoji, sign, symbol, and design that gives a true sense of curiosity. However, abstract logos do not explain a business concept directly, but they give clues that create a sense. The best examples of abstract marks are Pepsi, Adidas, and BP’s logos. What they use in their logo design is abstract design elements making them unique and presenting the business message in a different way.


Mascots are the most used logo design types to convey the brand message in an entertaining way. What they focus on is the illustrated characters designed creatively. Usually, mascots are colourful and cartoonish in style, creating a true sense of fun. How they are moulded into tiny yet cute characters is logo designers create them in the perception of the brand name. Instead, if we say mascots are the visual mimicry of a brand name, it would not be incorrect. Look at KFC’s Colonel, and it comprises of a Kool-Aid Man. Planter’s winking Mr. Peanut looks so cute and perfect with the brand name. Both of these brands are famous worldwide, and everyone recognizes them for their services and especially their memorable logo designs.


So how would you create your company logo design to attract customers and leave an ever-lasting impression? Logos are the most crucial branding elements that not only represent your brand but create a mindset in your customers. The design you choose will directly impact your company’s reputation and gives customers the thought of considering you in their good books or bad ones.

The above-mentioned are some of the standard logotypes that small, mid-size, and large businesses choose from or play in between them.

However, not all these logotypes will best fit your enterprise, but at least a blend of one or two will go. Hence always choose the best one and let your business shine in the market.

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