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Best Web3 Courses And Certifications in 2023



The need for official certification and learning courses is extremely crucial if we consider the rate at which the world is evolving, let alone the internet.

The process of finding the right certification and the top courses that are suitable for you can get complicated, which is why in this article, we have compiled a list of top blockchain training course you can seek to become a web3 expert.

In this modern generation of tech-savy individuals, the world runs entirely on the World Wide Web. The internet in the 21st century is a new world that brings in several different markets and opens humans into a new field of opportunities. With this rising need for the perpetual existence of the internet and new internet experiences such as the Metaverse, individuals in the technical area are in this constant struggle of evolving and learning in order to fit better in their roles.

 What is Web3?

Web3 or Web 3.0 is the third generation of the worldwide web. With an increased focus on usability, flexibility, and decentralization, Web3 strives to implement adaptability and more user-centered accessibility in this evolutionary stage of the AI-driven internet. The users can communicate by being involved as a part of the DAO or the Decentralized Autonomous Organization. A network of contracts is available openly where the user data is safely protected, and they are stored in a blockchain-decentralized network controlled by nodes.


Given below is a list of features that Web 3.0 brings to the table:

  • The Web3 platform utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning), as its end goal is to be more smart and receptive to consumer needs as well as create a platform that utilizes NLP or Natural Language Processing.
  • The semantic metadata allows efficient usage of all data that is available in order to make IoT or the Internet of Things be connected to several devices.
  •  The whole idea of Web3 is based on more understanding of human language; therefore, the consumers’ input is not dependent on keywords or numbers, but web3 itself strives to understand the normal human language more thoroughly.
  • It allows consumers to communicate without the dangers of exposing them to dangerous and untrustworthy third parties.
  •  The usage of 3D animation and graphics would be available in Web3 as it strives to be more futuristic and evolved.
  • It is Metaverse and NFT-centric (Non-Fungible Tokens).
  •  The personal information and data of individuals would become more protected than ever.
  • Because of the blockchain technology used by web 3.0, the consumer’s information are encrypted, therefore, it disallows huge corporations to use personal user information.
  • A P2P or peer-to-peer interconnection is used to store user data by the decentralized networks. This means that the consumers hold all rights to their data information and can log in to the internet without the fear of being tracked. 

How Does it Work?

  • Data Privacy: The users’ personal information would be hidden in Web3, but not their activity. This means that on the outside, the user activity will be visible on the platform, but no one else can use or see the identity of the user who owns the said data. Privacy is one of the defining features of Web3.
  • Data Monetization and Ownership: Platforms like Facebook own the consumers’ data. This will not be the case in Web3. While using web3, the consumers’ data would be stored in a crypto wallet. The consumers would surf the web and communicate through the platform, and after logging off, the users wil take their data with them. Therefore Web3 allows better privacy nd personal data ownership. Furthermore, the users can choose whether or not they monetize their data, as it is their own.

Top Web3 Courses and Certifications

Looking to get certified in the field of Web 3.0 and want to learn more through official courses? Well, look no more, the following is the list of top Web3 Courses and certifications:

Web3 Game Developer Certification

Professionals or even learning game developers looking to learn game development in the web3 platform must seek a blockchain certification training course. The Certified Web3 Game Developer course will provide individuals with the necessary skills in order to upload original games on the web3 platform. The study’s main objective is play-to-earn game design and Blockchain Integration. After completing the said course, the applicants will get officially certified web3 game developers, which will help further on by monetizing their expertise and offering pieces of advice and not to mention developing the games. It is a valid certification for individuals looking to grow and wants to stand out in the job market as software game developers.

Web3 Community Expert Certification

If you are an individual who is confident in your abilities in management and streamlining various events, the Certified Web3 Community Expert is the course for you. This course allows the learners to get a thorough knowledge of the web3 space and its operating tools, such as the DAOs, the NFTs, and the Metaverse, from the point of view of community management. It has a variety of topics, including community governance, community-building strategies, and community engagement. The completion of this course would make the individuals well-versed in the line of community management under the web3 platform. It is a valuable certification for individuals seeking to broaden their job profiles.

Web3 Expert Certification

One of the most sought-to courses on the Web3 platform is the Certified Web3 Expert course. It covers a wide range of topics around the Web 3.0 industry and the technology surrounding it. It is a comprehensive program that includes 5 certifications within itself: the Certified Ethereum Expert, the Certified Metaverse expert, Certified Blockchain Expert, Certified Mixed Reality Expert, and the Certified NFT expert. The completion of this program will not only deem the individual as an expert in the field of Web3. But also provide them with 5 other complex certifications. This certification course is of utmost importance and holds high prestige. This certification also opens many doors for the applicants, including opportunities. Such as invitations to events of global importance, Podcasts, and Networking.

Web3 Live Training Course

Interactive Live Training, or ILTS, is a training course given to small groups of people. Allowing individuals to interact with instructors and other participants. This course has its own learning schedule, and the classes are on weekends. This course is a must for individuals in similar fields who are looking to diversify their portfolio on the side.


The above courses are a tool for people who are looking for better job opportunities in the market. A certified course relating to the web3 platform is an extremely fruitful. And wise decision for individuals who can already predict the trajectory of the future job market. The world is headed in a diverse AI-experiential mode; this is where web 3.0 aims to invest. A web3-focused certification is a smart way to grow your work portfolio while investing in the AI-centric future. 

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