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Here Are Smart Devices That Don’t Need Installation

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Here Are Smart Devices That Don’t Need Installation

A lot of our home appliances and electronic gadgets require installation. There’s the dishwasher, for example, then the thermostat controller, and even the sprinkler system for your yard and surveillance camera system. But then there are also those that don’t, like washing machines and dryers, refrigerators – unless they’re those fancy ones built into a wall as they have in the movies and dramas of course.

Similarly, a lot of smart devices would require you to have them installed before they can properly work – smart thermostats and smart sprinkler controllers for instance are some prime examples. But what you should know is that some smart devices have different variants as opposed to ordinary electronics and appliances. You have wireless smart cameras and wired ones too, but nonetheless, they don’t require a complete installation system as ordinary surveillance cameras do.

So here we’ve compiled a list of some useful smart home devices that do not require any installation or professional help. Rather, they are super easy to set up by yourselves. Have a read.

1. Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are probably the best example of smart devices that literally don’t require any sort of installation. Why? Because it is essentially like a multi-plug extender that you just plug into a power outlet – onto which you then plug other electronics and appliances. But smart plugs don’t really feature more than one unit for plugging in devices, unlike multi-plugs because of course they are meant for a completely different purpose.

So what are smart plugs good for? Other than not requiring any installation, to begin with. Well, these devices are great for somewhat automating any device connected to it, and saving energy too in the process. How do they work?

Just like all smart devices do, smart plugs also feature their own mobile app where users can access control to the device – remotely too might we add. Smart plugs like the Wiz Smart Plug are also compatible with voice assistants so not only do these devices boast access from your smartphones, but voice-enabled control too.

2. Smart Lights

Smart Lights are one of the easiest ways of automating your home’s lighting. Where you would once have had to have a proper system installed in place to automate your regular light bulbs, you can now do it for a fraction of the price, and with literally no rocket science to it when it comes to installation.

What usually are considered smart lights, are actually smart bulbs. And these bulbs just have to be screwed in place of your ordinary ones. No installation is needed! Individual bulbs now connect to your mobile phones, voice assistants, and even any central hubs if there are any in place – via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and enable users to have remote and voice-enabled control over each bulb. s

3. Battery Smart Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors in our homes are usually wired because when one device is triggered they all are set off. But do you know what wouldn’t require any installation or deal with electrical wires? Smart smoke detectors, and battery ones. All you have to do is attach its mount to the ceiling and place the device in it. That’s it! All that is left is to configure the device through its smartphone app.

But don’t battery smoke detectors have their own share of problems? They do actually, here’s how a battery-operated smart smoke detector is better than a regular one. Since these devices feature their own mobile apps, you never miss out on a notification alerting you to any potential threats detected. Nor would you ever forget to replace the battery because of constant reminders to your smartphone.

4. Smart Speakers – Voice Assistants

Essentially smart speakers and voice assistants in general play a big role in smart homes and with smart devices. They are what enable voice control over any connected smart device. So how do you get a Voice Assistant? Well firstly, voice assistants were first featured in our smartphones some decade ago, starting with the Apple iPhone’s Siri.

As time passed there have been more voice assistants featured by other software houses and companies: Alexa of Amazon, Google’s Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana. So these voice assistants can be found in our smartphones as well as some laptops and smart TVs too.

But here’s the thing, they are also featured and built-in with smart speakers, which is what makes them more than just speakers. You can connect your home’s smart devices including your smart TVs and smartphones too!

However, the real question here is, do they need to be installed? Not at all! Voice Assistants as we mentioned are already featured within the said devices, and smart speakers on the other hand only need to be plugged into a power outlet just like any regular electronic appliance.

Are There More?

There are definitely more smart devices out there that don’t require any installation really. You can head on over to www.firstenergyhome.com and browse through their Smart Home catalog. You’ll definitely find something there!

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