Hybrid AI is the Future of Industrial Analytics

Hybrid AI is the Future of Industrial Analytics


Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in industries has enabled smart manufacturing systems by integration with technologies such as cloud computing, big data analytics and connected devices. The transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence in different sectors such as healthcare, retail, finance, and transportation are undeniable. To unlock full potential of AI in asset-heavy manufacturing and production industries, Hybrid AI is the key.

Hybrid AI is the combination of non-symbolic AI such as deep learning and machine learning systems with symbolic AI such as the embedding of human intelligence. Hybrid AI systems have the potential to solve complex issues such as imprecision, uncertainty, and vagueness as it combines both data as well as knowledge to solve problems instead of learning everything from the data. 

Classic applications of AI such as natural language processing and object recognition has a vast amount of training data available, but there is very less relevant sensors and other equipment data available in case of asset-heavy industry. For this, implementation of Hybrid AI with combination of data science and physics is the way forward to reduce the errors and improve efficiency.

Unlike the mathematical models used for consumer behavior analysis, industrial data needs to be validated by taking into account the environmental as well as physical conditions. To make industrial hybrid AI work properly, implement the essential tools and map the data from all relevant sources. Hybrid AI is best suited for industrial processes where machine learning models built on a mathematical theory framework is used on real-time data for predictions. This helps in insights driven decision-making process that optimizes production and creates value.

With right data and techniques, you can lower the operating costs, increase top-line revenue and profitability. Many companies have developed advanced video analytics solution based on computer vision and deep learning. It provides wide range of solutions such as complete industrial surveillance, security, and anomaly detection in the busy production lines, to bring manufacturing efficiency. 

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