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React Native and Ionic Cross Platform Software Development Agency


We often talk about technological development and how it has changed the world for the betterment of companies and users worldwide. It was a much-needed revolution where everything could be done online. Yes, we are talking about digitalization. A strategy that automates significant processes. Besides this, it has surprisingly been implemented in every industry. You name the industry, and we can assure you we can highlight the areas where we are using them. As development increases, developers will develop more advanced ideas and implement them accurately for the highest results.

The world’s future is unknown, but many mobile applications have made it easier for firms to communicate with each other and users worldwide. Besides that, customers can know more about the brands. All one needs to do is search on the internet. Though its implementation is complex, it’s possible in the majority of industries. Thanks to the cross platform software development agency, it came up with a unique solution for businesses and users using the same app on different platforms. All this further led to uncountable benefits.

The Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile application development has advanced in the current era, with most organizations investing heavily in its development and implementation. Besides this, much is being spent on research to bring new innovations. These can be in the form of advanced features or improved functionality that makes communication way better. According to research, mobile app development is bound to reach $430.90 billion by the end of 2022.

We have come a long way from native app development to cross platform apps that have changed how we connect to the world or the people living far away. Companies like Creatix9 are always in the process of conducting extensive research and development to integrate the latest technologies and make the process faster. They are also trying new methods to increase their performance and productivity. This asks for the latest tools and frameworks, which need to be integrated according to the customer’s needs and goals to increase satisfaction.

The top digital marketing agency in the UK has made app development a part of the new industry where industries from agriculture, automotive and healthcare to textiles have changed how we utilize the best technology. Talking about the mobile app development future, we know for sure its implementation is going to expand. This means even the companies that are now using it will start doing so. However, according to the research, it will be because of the integration of the cross platform that things will get much easier to use. Since this reduces the development cost and time, firms are now ready to invest, unlike native apps. Thus, it is ideal for any industry to increase its profits by multiplying its ROI. Until now, Creatix9 has been one of the top agencies providing advanced app development services for iOS and Android.

The Best 2 Cross Platform Frameworks

We all know that with a robust framework, cross-platform strategies can be developed and integrated. Every type of app development needs a framework to work as it contains all the features and functions that make it stand out. The cross platform software development agency, Creatix9 has placed itself as one of the leading companies that deal with the development and integration of frameworks. Let’s look at three of the most demanded frameworks.


One of the most demanded frameworks has to be Ionic, based on AngularJS. It enables developers and agencies to use various programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS to access many native controls that improve its functionality. This framework is usually used for creative app development services as it offers an interactive and user-friendly interface that makes the most use of its features. The Creatix9 company emphasises it being perfect for PWA development as well.

Moving on to its features it is one of the most used open-source and front-end frameworks. It allows the developers to make changes in the code and use it for other development. This saves a lot of time for businesses and simultaneously gives tough competition to other frameworks like React Native. Besides this, it has a SAAS-based user-interface framework that is mainly designed for mobile platforms, improving app development.

Since this framework is Angular-based, it quickly offers various extensions to the HTML’s syntax, main functions and feature-rich components. If you are a firm on the lookout for some unique features with a native feel, Ionic might be the best framework to opt for in today’s growing world.

React Native

We have always seen firms comparing Ionic to react native, showing one framework that can give a tough time to it is this one with advanced features. It is developed on JavaScript, writing in original code, giving the apps a native feel where they can work on iOS and Android too. Further, it integrates React.JS while allowing developers to write modules in different languages like Swift and Objective-C.

React Native comes with a vast library, leveraging the top digital marketing agency in the UK to perform complex operations like video processing which the framework’s APIs do not deal with. Creatix9 has developed many apps using this open-source framework which is in many ways similar to Ionic. However, it has great community support that helps the developers fix bugs while developing unique features.

Can you guess what its primary benefit is? It lets you code once to create a highly functional app for different operating systems, solving the issues that always came with coding twice separately for the app but for other systems. This help in decreasing the development time and money. It is even a framework that supports third-party plugins like Google Maps. So if you want a responsive interface, this might be the best go-to framework.


Application development for smartphones has become common as people these days are always using them for personal and educational use. Companies have gone digital with this, making it easier to provide information to users as much of the target audience is found online. So if you are a firm that wants to spread any information quickly, do it online. You can opt for a website or a mobile app that helps get your products and services across. However, since app building is expensive, firms wanted a budget-friendly system that reduces the cost and the development time to create a competitive advantage.

Thanks to the cross platform app development that has made it easier for developers to code once and keep using it as many times as possible for building the same app for different platforms. This means now one can use the same code for the development of apps for Android and iOS. Creatix9 is one company that provides such services besides offering animation, digital marketing, software development, branding, etc. If you are looking for such services, contact them now.

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